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Participant Led Engagement and the REimagining of Exhibitions and Collections using Immersive Technologies.

The above presentation was delivered at the Arts and Cultural Management Conference 2021 (ACMC) and briefly brings together three years of exploration with the use of immersive technologies (VR/AR) in engaging audiences and community groups in exhibitions and collections. Through experimentation and adapting complimentary digital technologies, I believe that immersive technologies will play a vital role in engaging “hard-to-reach” audiences, as well as hand the power of re-imagining works […]

Spectrums of Digital Participation: Digital participation as participation in an artist’s digital practice

When we think of digital participation in arts and culture, we think of projects or works being led/created by demographics of ‘non-artists’. However, there are also those participating in an artist’s practice who are part of the creation of an artist’s work, rather than creating for themselves. These participants can vary from a specific community group to other professionals in the same or other art form(s).

Capacity: Creative Engagement with Mental Health Residents

A Soap Box presentation delivered at the Engage Conference, 13-14 Nov 2018 Derby QUAD’s Creative Wellbeing programme has created strong links with local health and care services over several years. For 2018, the exhibition and programme theme of “Wellbeing” has been used to strengthen these links and explore new opportunities and ways of working. For 2017, Digital Participatory Artist in […]

The Engage Conference 2018 – A Social Prescription

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 12-14 Nov 2018 Highlights and thoughts How to encapsulate three days of keynotes, practical workshops, presentations, fringe events, discussions, thoughts and an absolute sense of wellbeing for participants and those working in the arts? The Engage Conference is the biggest coming together of artists, practitioners, facilitators, leaders and those working in gallery education and learning in […]