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PlayLAB 2023

PlayLAB 2023

Jan – April 2023

Level Centre, Rowsley

PlayLAB is an immersive interactive installation that explores the notion of a shared, playful experience, commissioned and originally exhibited at LEVEL Centre, Rowsley. It looks at the different ways we play and what creativity means to individuals and groups. PlayLAB was originally exhibited at LEVEL Centre, Rowsley in Jan – April 2023 and was made in collaboration with digital workshop participants from JT Projects and Alderwasley Hall School. The project explores an artistic journey that brings community made artwork to gallery audiences through high quality digital experiences.

The original exhibition experience allowed audiences to creatively play both in the physical and digital world! Filling the room with 3D digital shapes and play with digital toys, in a laboratory setting never seen before.

Would you like to host PlayLAB?

Play LAB uses a combination of large scale projection, screen-based visuals and physical objects. All of which can be mixed and matched to a variety of locations and set ups, including external projections and screen only settings. PlayLAB is also designed to be adaptable to new locations through workshop activity with local young people and community groups. Each group will be able to see their work on display and influence the interaction.

Images: PlayLab at Level Centre, photos by David John King