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About me, my work and who I work with

About me, my work and who I work with

John Whall is a multi award winning Digital Participation Artist, Curator and Producer who uses digital tools and materials to creatively engage audiences with arts and contemporary culture. His work is a fusion of digital and participatory practice, through collaborative and co-creative processes, with a focus on creating together. This involves the developing of processes that translate complex digital practice into accessible creative activities, which inspire and empower audiences in the creation of immersive experience.

John’s work also includes exploring participatory practice through our conscious experiences of online and offline immersive creative spaces. Aligned with phenomenological philosophies and the basic intentional structure of consciousness. He is intrigued by how our first-person perspectives of collaborative physical and online spaces can allow us to explore our individual conscious experiences and their relationship to others.

John is passionate about developing high quality digital experiences that champion the diverse creative expression of our communities. He also provides specialist sector support through digital skills, knowledge and experience, to help participatory, learning and socially engaged organisations to realise their digital ambitions.

John supports the collective approaches to sector development and is the Specialist Interest Representative in Digital for Engage Visual Arts, Digital Champion for ArtWorks Alliance (AWA), as well as East Midlands Participatory Arts Forum (EMPAF).