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LEVEL Residency Week 2

So much thinking happened during this week, and in such a short timeframe at the end of the week. I honestly didn’t know where this week would take me. I was refamiliarising myself with the physical AND digital spaces that I had been using. I knew I wanted to explore ways to represent the participant made work in a virtual […]

Rainbow Map

As a personal project, I want to celebrate as many of these creative symbols of hope as we can and create a ‘Rainbow Map’ of these Rainbows. If you’ve taken one of these pictures, then you can add to this Rainbow Map by going to https://bit.ly/2z6yU5D and: (I’ve created a ‘how to’ video below to help and you can also […]

When Digital Participation Becomes a Necessity: Online in an Out-of-Line World

We are currently living in an unimaginable time in our human history. Viruses have come and gone before, but never have we had such an ability to stay connected and access news, activities, education, entertainment and creative opportunities without leaving our homes. We are now participating in activities with more people worldwide than we ever have before. In the past […]