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Rainbow Map

Rainbow Map

As a personal project, I want to celebrate as many of these creative symbols of hope as we can and create a ‘Rainbow Map’ of these Rainbows. If you’ve taken one of these pictures, then you can add to this Rainbow Map by going to https://bit.ly/2z6yU5D and:

(I’ve created a ‘how to’ video below to help and you can also post your rainbow on the Facebook Page or email rainbowmap2020@outlook.com if you’re having any difficulties)

  • Make sure you’re logged into a Google account
  • Search your postcode (or part of)
  • Click ‘Add to Map’
  • Click ‘Style’ to pick the colour it makes you feel/you want others to fee (see below)
  • Click ‘Edit’ to share any comments about the picture (no names please)
  • Click the camera icon to add your picture
  • Save

Suggested Colour meanings:
Red – Love
Orange – Encouragement
Yellow – Happiness
Green – Friendliness
Blue – Calm
Indigo – Compassion
Violet – Proud of someone you know

Please don’t include names or images of children or young people. You also don’t need to include your full postcode, a rough location is fine.

I’m hoping to make a more interactive version of this in future.

Rainbow Map Instructions

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