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LEVEL Residency Lab Week 1

For this residency, my aim is to explore participatory practice through our conscious experiences of online and offline immersive creative spaces. This exploration, aligned with phenomenological philosophies and the basic intentional structure of consciousness, will delve into our first-person perspectives of collaborative physical and online spaces, and explore our individual conscious experiences and their relationship to others. Something I feel is informative to co-creation practices in immersive spaces.

Today is the day I start working on my DYCP, but a lot has happened so far!

My Arts Council England (ACE) Developing Your Own Creative Practice (DYCP) application focuses on upskilling myself in VR/AR technologies with the goal of developing methods of working for participant led engagement in immersive spaces. In short, I want to find ways for participants to be front and centre in the creation of immersive VR/AR work. This comes with the need […]

Digital Participation and Consent

Data, data, data… When working in a participatory context, arts organisations document and share creative work, participant image and information. Their words, their work and, in a lot of cases, their thoughts. The standard consent forms can simply ask about the capturing and sharing of a participant’s image, their ethnicity, sex, gender, age etc, but with digital engagement there’s the potential to […]